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Delonghi Iron Parts


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Delonghi Knob R.Switch Grey660 + Spring Pro140 (7328122400)

Knob R.Switch Grey660 + Spring PRO140 (7328122400)

Product price (Incl VAT): R17,99

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Delonghi Stopper (7328122200)

Stopper (7328122200)

Product price (Incl VAT): R216,99

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Delonghi Tank Ssv8000R (7328144900)

Tank SSV8000R (7328144900)

Product price (Incl VAT): R272,99

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Delonghi Heating Element 1200/230 W/Flange Aisi316 Ntr (5128103800)

Heating Element 1200/230 W/Flange AISI316 NTR (5128103800)

Product price (Incl VAT): R251,99

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Temporarily Out of Stock

Delonghi Water Tank Assembly (Kw647729)

Water Tank Assembly (KW647729)

Product price (Incl VAT): R42,00

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