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*Shaving Head - Series - Compatible Shaver Models

HQ2 (discontinued) - Rota Action - HS100, HS105, HS106, HS110, HS125, HS135, HS155, HS165,
HS250, HS255, HS308, HS310, HS315, HS345, HS346, HS350, HS355, HS356, HS540, HS545,
HS550, HS555, HS655, HS660, HP1220, HP1222, HP1322, HP1616, HP1622, HP1722, HQ20,
HQ22, HQ26, HQ200, HQ202, HQ220, HQ222, HQ240, HQ242, HQ262, HQ282, HQ284, HQ2405,
HQ2425, HQ2610, HQ2830

HQ56 (HQ3) - Double Action - HP1318, HP1319, HP1323, HP1327, HP1328, HP1335, HP1336,
HP1337, HP1338, HP1339, HP1601, HP1602, HP1604, HP1605, HP1606, HP1607, HP1608,
HP1700, HS260, HS360, HS375, HS456, HS465, HS470, HS475, HS480, HS485, HS702, HS703,
HS704, HS705, HS706, HS708, HS715, HS755, HS756, HS765, HS775, HS800, HS805, HS820,
HS825, HS830, HS850, HS860, HS875, HS890, HS895, HS896, HS900, HS905, HS925, HS930,
HS945, HS950, HS955, HS965, HS969, HS970, HS975, HS980, HS985, HS990, HQ30, HQ342,
HQ382, HQ3405, HQ3425, HQ3445, HQ3605, HQ3610, HQ3805, HQ3810, HQ3825,HQ3830,HQ3845,
HQ3850, HQ3865, AT610

HQ56 - Superflex - HQ6405, HQ6415, HQ6423, HQ6445, HQ6605, HQ6610, HQ6640, HQ6645,
HQ6646, HQ6675, HQ6676, HQ6695, HQ6896, HQ6831, HQ6842, HQ6863, HQ6900, HQ6995, HQ6990,

HQ56 - Micro + - HQ40, HQ441, HQ442, HQ443, HQ444, HQ481, HQ482, HQ483, HQ484,
HQ485, HQ486, HQ487, HQ802, HQ4405, HQ4425, HQ4445, HQ4601, HQ4607, HQ4610, HQ4625, HQ4630,
HQ4805, HQ4806, HQ4810 HQ4821, HQ4825, HQ4830, HQ4851, HQ4865, HQ4870, HQ4885,
HQ4890, HQ5812, HQ5813, HS190, HS775, HS885, HS890,HS915, HS920, HS930, HS965,
HS970, HS985, HS990

HQ5 - Reflex Action -
HQ5425, HQ5465, HQ5699, HQ5801, HQ5825, HQ5830, HQ5845,
HQ5848, HQ5850, HQ5853, HQ5854, HQ5855, HQ5865, HQ5870, HQ5885, HQ5890

HQ6 - Quadra - HQ642, HQ662, HQ663, HQ664, HQ665, HQ686, HQ6425, HQ6426, HQ6465,
HQ6466, HQ6825, HQ6827, HQ6830, HQ6832, HQ6845, HQ6846, HQ6847, HQ6848, HQ6850,
HQ6851, HQ6852, HQ6865, HQ6867, HQ6870, HQ6871, HQ6885

- Gentle Cut -

HQ8 - Sensotec - HQ6075, HQ6090, HQ6095, HQ7100, HQ7120, HQ7140, HQ7150, HQ7180,
HQ7200, HQ7240, HQ7290, HQ7800, HQ7360, HQ7320, HQ7350, HQ8445, HQ8825, HQ8830, HQ8845,
HQ8850, HQ8865, HQ8870, HQ8875, HQ8880, HQ8885, HQ8890, HQ8894, PT710, PT715,
PT720, PT725, PT730, PT735, PT736, PT860

HQ177 (HQ8) - Coolskin - HQ7740, HQ7742, HQ7760, HQ7762, HQ7780, HQ7782

HQ9 - Speed XL - HQ8100, HQ8140, HQ8150, HQ8160, HQ8170, HQ9020, HQ9070, HQ9080,
HQ9090, HQ9100, HQ9140, HQ9160, HQ9170, HQ9190

HQ156/167 - Coolskin - HQ561, HQ562, HQ563, HQ564, HQ671, HQ673, HQ5615, HQ5620,
HQ5655, HQ5660, HQ6705, HQ6707, HQ6710, HQ6715, HQ6720, HQ6725, HQ6730, HQ6735,
HQ6736, HQ6740, HQ6755, HQ6756, HQ6757, HQ6760, HQ6761, HQ6762, HQ6763, HQ6764

RQ10 - RQ1090, RQ1095

RQ11 - 1150X, 1160cc, 1180X, RQ1150, RQ1160, RQ1170, RQ1180

RQ12- RQ1250, RQ1260, RQ1280

TT22000 - TT2020, TT2010, TT2022, TT2023, TT2030, TT2040, BG2036

HQ200 - Jet clean solution For use with Jet Clean systems

HS800 - Nivia for men Conditioner